Is a Planned Service Agreement a Good Investment?

Regular maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain comfort, increase efficiency (saving you money on your utilities) and help ensure your systems are in optimal working order to promote longer equipment life. Plus, our professionally trained service technicians will keep an eye out for potential problems before they become big ones and look for more ways to improve your comfort and efficiency.

Our Agreement Includes:

  • Professional heating system tune up
  • Professional air conditioning system tune up
  • Priority Service
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Longer equipment life
  • Increased comfort and efficiency
  • 30% Savings on repair (Parts And Labor)
  • 10% Savings on new equipment
  • One-Year warranty on all repairs


$90 initial payment* + $15.00 per month thereafter. Cancellation of plan will result in cancellation of future planned services.

If you are already a member of our VIP program you will not pay the initial $90 payment.