Why Preventive Maintenance is important

Nobody likes to wake up with a cold nose. A Four Winds Preventive Maintenance agreement helps avoid system failures, and it protects the life of your equipment. Our affordable yearly maintenance plan includes checkups in the spring and fall for your furnace and air conditioner.

Yearly maintenance protects against breakdowns, keeps your system operating smoothly, helps minimize energy usage, and prolongs the life of your equipment. 

We also offer one-time check-ups for your furnace or air conditioner. Trust Four Winds to keep your equipment running smoothly. 

Learn about our VIP Planned Service Agreement.

Did you know...

One year of run time on your system is equal to 50,000 miles on your car? You wouldn't neglect maintenance on your car for 50,000 miles. 

Without annual maintenance, a dirty HVAC system can consume more electricity or gas and can lead to possible damage to the major components. This is why most manufacturers require annual maintenance to keep the factory warranty in effect. 

Ask us how we can hep you maintain your system to keep you comfortable!