Why a Second Opinion is a Good Idea

Because it's FREE! Most people wouldn't hesitate to get a second opinion when it comes to their health. It makes good sense to do the same when it comes to an expensive HVAC system. Four Winds offers a FREE SECOND OPINION. Our expert technicians will check out your system to verify the accuracy of your first diagnosis and will suggest other solutions if it makes sense. And, did I mention that it's FREE?

New HVAC systems and repairs can be very costly. Unfortunately, It is not uncommon for technicians to push complete system replacements when they are unnecessary because that is how they make the most money. At Four Winds, our technicians are not commission-based. They are experts not sales people.

      Finding a Reputable HVAC company

      • Ask family and friends for recommendations
      • Check their status with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
      • Check their online reviews—Yelp, Angie's List, Facebook, Demand Force, etc.
      • Ask the company for references
      • Ask if technicians are commission-based

      Companies to avoid 

      • If a company's pricing seems too good to be true
      • If the technician recommends a new system, but yours is less than 10 years old. Most systems are designed to last up to 18 years
      • If the technician is using high-pressure sales techniques, ask if they are commission-based
      • If the technician did not check the system's warranty
      • If the technician tells you the part is not available because of the age of your system
      • If you are uncomfortable with the technician's answers to your questions

      Call us for a FREE SECOND OPINION
      on repairs over $1000 or condemned systems